Another trip to Paddy’s studio

This time we were treated to bacon,eggs and tomato done of course on the wood burning stove. why the big gaps? Paddy set me up on another mono-print session. Lots of photos of him this time. I remain largely anonymous. I did quite a few prints and a maybe 5% are any good. The rest […]

Drawing Ellipses

This is the best on-line resource I have found for drawing ellipses. All the other posts seem to be using a piece of cotton and two pins as an aid to drawing them. This seems more like spirograph than drawing. Maybe it will be useful.Drawing ellipses

Alfredo Jaar video

This is an interesting insight into this artists work. Alfredo Jaar in “Protest”

Educational animation

My friend Alan Wilkinson sent me this link from you tube about what motivates us. Great animation or illustration if you like.