2015 Workshops and Residentials

I am promoting my 2015 schedule in good time for the New Year. Get yourselves booked in and challenge yourself to doing a new skill or improve on an existing one.

I have places left on the life drawing in January. Both sessions have been documented in previous blogs. The difference in the next two will be the introduction of painting. This will be a great opportunity for those who have never tried this and the materials are included in the price (see flyer)

The new courses include Portraiture/Clothed Model day and a Colour Mixing day.

Portrait/Clothed Model day

This one will be a dual purpose day over 6 hours held at the Youth Centre at Fulford School on Saturday 14th March from 10 till 4pm. The model will be clothed and in a comfortable seated pose for us to work on a portrait but will also be in a good position for those who would like to do a full figure drawing or painting.

For those doing a portrait we will use monochrome acrylic paints. The reason to use monochrome is to focus on achieving a likeness. Tonal work will be uppermost and students will have a good amount of time to improve throughout the day.

For those wishing to do a full seated piece of work you can use any media of choice. The cost for this days workshop will be £40. This includes all materials and refreshments. Just bring your own packed lunch.

Colour Mixing Day

This is a full day looking at colour mixing using the Michael Wilcox School of colour techniques on Saturday 25th April from 10am till 4pm. This course focuses on mixing most colours from a basic palette of six primaries progressing to using yellow ochre, burnt sienna and some other colours to expand your repertoire.

I am a certified teacher for this course and students can buy the literature and paints for the course from  School Of Colour. The main book to read is Blue and Yellow do not make Green. This gets you thinking about colour in a clear much more understandable way despite the title of the book.

This is an all day course using predominantly watercolour paint and will be taught in my studio to a maximum of six students. The course costs £35 and includes materials and refreshments.

This course will give great insight into colour mixing and save you vast amounts money on paint over the years.

Stillingfleet Gardens sketching with colour day

This was a great day last year, sketching the vast array of wild and cultivated plants and animals. We will be learning quick techniques for working outdoors in these wonderful gardens at Stillingfleet Lodge Nurseries . There will be no visitors on this Monday 18th May, just our group some charming foul and the tranquillity.

Julie in the bower at Stillingfleet Lodge Gardens


Also on the Flyer are dates for two Residentials. They are the same as last year June 12th to 14th at Ellergill in the Dales and September 11th to 14th in Staithes.

Outside the barn in Littondale

Please contact me, Phil Reynolds on 01904655091 to book or enquire about courses.

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