Life Drawings

I have decided to put a few more of my life drawings as I believe they warrant an airing on the blog. Most are pencil and some are charcoal. I will post some paintings separately. I do prefer a reclining pose as it sits with my love of landscape.

Very ordinary objects

The brief this week in June was to look at something that had little to inspire you. Quite hard to decide what to chose when you are looking for something with little aesthetic value and then make a drawing out of what you see. Below are some examples of this weeks work. It was a […]

Walton Group, Landscape day

Art class in the open air

On a bit of a catch up from last year . I am not entirely sure that the chronology will be right but I can date them as I go. Sometime in June I did an acrylic landscape workshop with the Walton Group of Artists. Based out of the church hall in Walton we parked […]