Another trip to Paddy’s studio

This time we were treated to bacon,eggs and tomato done of course on the wood burning stove. why the big gaps? Paddy set me up on another mono-print session. Lots of photos of him this time. I remain largely anonymous. I did quite a few prints and a maybe 5% are any good. The rest can be used for collage or thrown away. Mono-printing is quite hit and miss for me at the moment. I have only had about 30 or 40 hours experience at it over a period of 10 years. Getting to know the inks seems key to the process. How much you roll out how much is left on the glass or in this case we are using a ceramic tile surface. The other main ingredient is the paper. the ink sits on or is absorbed into the surface of the papre. This determines the type of finish. I will post some examples of these soon.

Here is a photo of the ceramic tile after a print has been taken. I took a couple of photos of Paddy at work. I liked his underpainting which is now well and truly covered over. I like the freshness at this time of painting. It is akin to the the first pint or a sit down after a long walk and many other examples that echo this state or feeling. I am trying to keep freshness uppermost in my work and not flog dead horses too much.

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