Building blocks to drawing course

Building blocks to drawing with Phil Reynolds
This course provides a pathway for beginners, and an opportunity to refresh existing skills for others.
I believe all artwork will be enhanced through an increased understanding of how to look and how to accurately represent what we see. When this skill is achieved it will help with more abstract or expressive ways of working.
This is a building blocks course that will give you the foundations to be able to interpret what you see and enable you to produce coherent drawings. With my courses there is always a focus on appreciating your own personality and developing self-expression.
This one-day course takes place in my studio and will run from 10am till 4pm on either
18th May, and or 7th or 8th June depending on numbers
Each course is limited to six people. Private message me via the website contacts page.
The cost is £60 and includes all materials and refreshments. Just bring a packed lunch.
LINE: we will look in depth at the use of line both technically and expressively before moving onto how to represent objects.

SPACE: looks at negative spaces and how to apply the shift from left to right brain through a series of practical exercises

SCALE: this section is designed to help you measure accurately and comparatively.

SHADE: this is used to give outline drawing the sense of form.

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