An online zoom class run from Phil's studio

Zoom art and wellbeing

There is plenty of evidence that practicing art and being involved socially in groups is good for well-being and I am pleased to be able

Seagulls eating chips

Seaside continued

There have been some great responses to this topic. I think it is so evocative especially now and at this time of year. Below is

Zoom in Lockdown

I am restarting writing a regular blog to let people know what I’m doing at this time. As with most people I have had to

Very ordinary objects

The brief this week in June was to look at something that had little to inspire you. Quite hard to decide what to chose when

The Sower, by Vincent Van Gogh

Inspired by…

The class are doing a three week project called Inspired by. They have all chosen an artist to look at and produce some work based

Sculptures in clay

A few weeks ago we did some sessions sculpting using an air drying clay. We used natural objects as a source of inspiration. It was the

Ruth’s framed drawing

Ruth brought in a piece of work she had framed. It is great to see this development within the class. It is often an ambition people have