Charcoal Workshop Tuesday 7th November 2023

Charcoal is one of my favourite mediums. It has the extremes of softness and very strong, deep dark tones. The difficulty people often have with Charcoal is getting stuck in the mid tones and not allowing the surface to be erased efficiently. I will tackle these issues in the day course and look at the various types of charcoal and what differing qualities they offer.

This is a 5-hour session 10.30 till 3.30pm on Tuesday 7th November from my studio in Fulford, York. Places limited to 6 people.

We will use landscape as inspiration from monochrome images. The technique is reductive so applying and erasing to achieve strong contrasts. This method easily transfers to still life and portraiture.

Cost is £65 which includes all materials and refreshments.

Please make enquiries to me through the contacts page.

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