Coloured objects

Following on from last weeks filling the space exercise, this week we did the same thing but this time used coloured objects and painted the compositions in gouache. I asked people to bring in a few objects of a certain type of colour eg blue objects or green ones. The objects will be varying hues so there will be some work to be done on colour mixing.

Here are some examples of the work done in class. We did two weeks on the coloured objects so the first example is Ruths class work followed by her finished piece done at home.

We worked on a small scale. Ruths was done on A4 but we realised that even that is too much to do in 2 hours. So the next week we scaled down to A5.

This is Jon’s week 1 attempt of a cloth with a christmas bauble on top.

Next up John P with his red objects and some subtle product placement. I am still waiting for that phonecall from Border’s. I have already paid John for his acting work.

Next are Jenny’s two pieces done over two weeks.

Jenny was a bit disappointed at the old fashioned look that her work had. That brings up the question of how do you make a subject like this more individual or contemporary. That said I like the composition of the green painting and feel this was only achievable using the viewfinder method to help crop objects, ie take them out of the picture plane.

The Wednesday group both did the same composition from opposite sides of the table. The first one is Jenny’s first ever attempt with this medium and has achieved more than she realises. There are a lot of processes involved in this and Jenny had missed all the previous sesssions building up to this. So well done.

The second one is Cath’s who has achieved a really good sense of depth. The shadows were done by tinting down the green with a little red and this keeps the vibrancy. If you were to use black in this ( Fast Show cue ) the result would be a greyer duller hue.

Next we have penny’s lime green group of objects. Again a really good 1st effort with this media. Penny had been doing a lot of small illustrative work in ink so this was a departure. And lastly Barbara brought some orangey objects which just needed another hour to really sing off the paper.

I do not just flannel all my students. I have genuine praise and admiration for their achievements. All of them work hard and I try to reward them for that work. The effort is mostly in the looking and if you can up your time spent learning about the world outside your head then the artwork will follow.

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