This weeks title to work with was distortion. John C had come up with the idea the week previous that he would like to try and deliberately distort an object.

I e-mailed a few images to give an idea of what to do. It is good to have some ideas but sometimes they may dominate your thinking and be unhelpful in creating your own way of interpreting the brief.

I set out a table with objects that would help distort what we see but also left objects out that could be re invented by class members. I liked the idea of deliberately distoting what you see. In some ways it takes any pressure off you feeling you are having to ‘get it right.’ That said you still make aesthetic decisions and edit your work in terms of wanting to affect the general look of the image.

The first set of images show the set up and people working and the second set are examples of work done.

The last image is John P’s which is different because he worked from an image of a place he had visited in Senegal. He distorted the image then copied it onto an A2 sheet of paper using charcoal and pastels.

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