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Experimental Landscapes in Acrylics

On Tuesday 9th July I will be running a course looking at some unusual and experimental approaches to representing landscape. Using the versatility of acrylic paint this playful approach can help loosen the ties of the picturesque.

You will learn how to mix various media including collage, and natural foumd materials in with the acrylic paint. The beauty of acrylic used in this way is the fast drying time, the ability to layer quickly and it’s adhesve qualities.

We will also look at mediums that change the flow and drying times of the paint and how to build up paintings in layers. To do this you will work on at least two paintings at once using images as a jumping off point but not being slavish to the picturesque.

This couse is about drawing out a more expressive style in you and being playful with the materials.

All materials and refreshments included for £70. Small class size ensures individual attention. Please message with interest through the website contact page.

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