Filling the space

This exercise follows on from the previous work done on edges. This time the focus is on the edge of the pictorial space. From the various still life object in the class I asked people to make a small composition on the table and using a viewfinder create an image that is cropped at the edges rather than a group of objects with space around them.

Viewfinders can be very simple devices made from a couple of L shaped pieces of card.

Or a bit more sophisticated with divisions on to help with more accurate positioning and composition.

We used a cruder device in the class. One thing you must try to get right is the size of the format. That is the dimension of the paper in relation to the dimension of the viewfinder. For the class we just estimated this by sight but if you need more accuracy the measure the size of your paper. Find the ratio and transfer that ratio to your viewfinder.

Next thing was to find a section of our compositions that we like and transfer that information onto our paper. Remember that this process involves holding a viewer with one hand, looking through it with one eye closed to gain a single image and not a double one. Whilst with the other hand you are sketching the scene. This is not an easy process so you best do it quickly. To achieve this it helps to mark where objects are crossing the edge of the viewfinder eg is something cutting in near the corner or half way up the side. Mark these positions on your paper and you will soon build up an accurate , in perspective view of your composition or scene.

Here are a few examples of the work done in the session.

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