view of the Howardian Hills from Nunnington Galleries

Guest artist at Nunnington Galleries

I spent a lovely day painting with fellow artists Patrick and Russell at Nunnington in the Howardian Hills. The owners of Nunnington Galleries Kevin and Jan Bradshaw invited us to paint in the garden of Kevin’s mum Margaret, who lives right next to the gallery in Nunnington. She has got a lovely garden and a great view which isn’t done justice by the photos.

The above photo was about an hour in and mine is very much a sketch. I am quite a slow starter whereas Paddy has probably got two coats of paint on at this stage.

Margaret can be seen in the middle keeping a close eye on progress. We all enjoyed the company and chat as restrictions were easing but keeping strict distancing. We were continually looked after by Kevin and Jan and we all felt a calm vibe there.

Russell produced about 4 works in progress which he subsequently fused into one piece at home.

Paddy and I had pretty much finished our paintings on the day. All three should be in the Nunnington Gallery very soon.

I am happy about how I captured the feel of the day and enjoyed including the farm buildings. Kevin enjoyed this aspect as he is proud of the working nature of this landscape.

Great day and may there be many more.

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