The Sower, by Vincent Van Gogh

Inspired by…

The class are doing a three week project called Inspired by. They have all chosen an artist to look at and produce some work based on their chosen artist.

It can simply be a copy of their work or a piece based on their style.

Here are the results of week one. The first two are Russell’s work who was looking at Cezanne. These two are close ups of paintings where you see the complexity of Cezannes brushwork.

The next two are Jenifer’s look at Cezanne, here finding out about the range of colours used and an insight into how he rendered trees.

Below is Katja’s look at Euan Uglow. After looking at a range of work she settled on the idea of something simple. Uglow produced some exquisite paintings of fruit and Katja set up her own still life and learnt the art of measuring. It is something I teach but am wary of that people get hung up on measuring and cannot proceed quickly without first creating a grid and lots of reference points. That said it definitely has its place and can be a revelation to some who have not got it in their skill-set.

Lastly Ruth had looked at Van Gogh and did a copy of the Sower. This is week one and she will be spending another two hour session on it next time.

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