Lockdown Art Class Seaside theme

I have been keeping the Zoom sessions going as outlined. As well as this interest for students I have a closed Facebook group to which people can post their work. There is a daily drawing challenge and a regular class topic to share on this. People have found this a really useful tool to share work and keep in touch.

The present theme for the zoom classes is ‘the seaside’. The photos are by Martin Parr, contemporary photographer who I admire greatly. He manages to capture the everyday so well and manages to tell stories with social commentary in a single image. He is well worth looking at. There is a BBC Imagine documetary on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MCRyB2SFQZ4&t=105s

So the class are looking at the seaside from their own perspectives. I was inspired to set this by a recent trip to Bridlington as restrictions were easing slightly.

What struck me about the visit was the joy that the seaside inspires in people. There is so much that garners good feeling. The sea air, the vast landscape, the sound of seagulls (yes some of us still enjoy that), the ice cream van, amusements, bright colours (somewhat missing inland) and the squeals of delight (mostly from children).

Most people have fond memories of these places so good for the soul I think to bring this out in an artwork. A few examples below. The seagulls drawing is mine which a straight steal from the Martin Parr image. By the end of this topic I am sure we will have an evocative collection of work.

More soon!

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