Mark Making and Music

This is an area I have been interested in for some time. I find it difficult to separate my work from music or the audible world.

I often say I’m a failed musician. Well I never got past getting sore fingers playing guitar, so hard to be a musician at all when you didn’t take part. A failure is arguable too. That said the connection with my artwork seems stronger as time passes. Artists who grabbed me early days were Paul Klee and Wassily Kandinsky and only a way down the line did I find out their close connection with music.

A core part of my artwork is mark making. This is where application of material is akin to emotional language in lines, gestures, colour and spacial positioning. In the same way music is about space between notes, drawing, painting or any 2 dimensional art is defined by its visual arrangement. Harmony is a word often used to describe visual arrangements.

Tate Mark Making course notes

As a way to connect my mark making and music I approached Louis Duarte (my nephew) and Charlie James, fouder members of The Dead Freights at a gig in Manchester. I asked about collaborating and they were game from the outset. They are a hugely talented young band that deserve a larger audience. Hopefully my small contribution helps this and it was a way for me to show how great they are.

Below is my charcoal drawing to the track. It’s a bit rough round the edges but enough to get the idea and it can open the door for other developments in this area.

Finished artwork now titled ‘How much to call me daddy’.

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