More distortions

We did a second week on distortion. This time trying to get away from using a tool to affect a distortion e.g. a reflctive surface or some liquid. This time simply taking what we see and warping or elongating that.

Jon brought a very small mirror that could only view a small section of his face and then added them together on the paper a little bit like the photo assemblages (or ‘Joiners’ as he named them) by David Hockney.

Nick had another go at a reflecton of a camera that was seen on the outside of a shiny jug.

Here are some more pieces done from objects in the studio.

John P did another take on his Senegal town square, this time using pen and ink. He has made good progress with this medium in a short time. The first image is a photo of the place that John worked from.

This mini project seems to have gone down well with the groups and has raised a lot of ideas to take forward into other sessions. I decided to look at caricature for the next two weeks to carry on with the distotion theme.

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