Nest drawings for Easter

I wanted to incorporate the egg in some way over the Easter holidays. What better way than an egg in a nest? The nest was brought in by Ruth and it was an old pigeon nest that had not been used for some years in a tree in her back garden. She had the help of a relative who climbed up and untangled it from the surrounding branches. I had thought they would just sit in the tree but it makes sense that they tie them in to avoid it being blown out.

There were 5 in the class and the nest was put in the middle of the table for all to get a view. I offered no restriction on media but it can be tough if everyone wants to use paint as you need a lot more space. The range of media included pencil, charcoal, chalk and ink applied with a fine nib, brush or a twig of choice. Here is a photo of a few of the drawings as we looked at them at the end of the session and also a closer look at the some of the Wednesday groups drawings.   

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