New term starts for the art classes

I have had a great August break. Covid dominated at first but a lovely trip with Liz to Malvern and onto Crickhowell to the Green Man Festival. It’s great to be away and be inspired by so many talented artists (mainly musicians) and bring these experiences back to the work and teaching arena.

What the break does offer also is a chance to step away and reflect on what has been achieved by students and also celebrate what I enjoy about this part of my work.

I have so many talented individuals come through the doors and any way that I can help with their development gives me great job satisfaction. I am inspired by students work and methods and it helps feed my creativity. There is a status element to what I do and a nice social angle that was really evident through lockdown.

To celebrate this relationship with the students, me and Liz organised a sketching day and a bit of food back at ours.

It was a hot one but at Tea by The Lock at Naburn Marina it was a bit cooler and what a great place to go sketching and have nice refreshments and and cake.

Lovely warm evening to spend in the garden eating, drinking and nattering.

It was a big thank you to all who support the art classes and value it as much as I do. Here’s to continued creativity and fun and games ahead.

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