Pencil life drawings

I have posted a couple more pencil studies. These ones I have not yet put on the website so thought as a continuity of the post regarding the iPad I would show a couple of examples of studies done in the life drawing class. The life class is very important to me and I must have been going for the past 6 years or so at various venues with a changing band of life drawing fans. It is a very difficult discipline and it seems you never really master it as there will be a pose that you just cannot articulate. This I feel is what intrigues me about the process and it has become an important social connection with fellow artists. It can be a lonely old game!

These two drawings are reclining ones. I like to do these elongated lying down poses as it fits in with my interest about landscape. There is a real sense of vastness and subtle undulating form that you encounter when trying to render a person lying down. I like the relaxedness that we see in these poses too and not least it is easier for the model to achieve this over say an hour. It would be almost impossible to do a standing pose for this long. This is very hard work and not very well paid so the less strain on the model the better.

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