PH1 residency involvement

Since September 2014 I have been involved in a residency programme hosted by the New School House Gallery called PH1

PH1 (‘a planet in a four-star system’) consists of a series of four unique artistic residencies (the ‘stars’) located in the heart of York (the ‘planet’). It aims to develop and investigate a residency model that is collaborative, interdisciplinary and that will deliver measurable social and educational impact. Off-site residencies located in temporary studio spaces will become immersive hubs of creative practice and experimentation, offering opportunities for collaborative research between artists, local schools and students from the Faculty of Education and Theology, alongside extensive community participation. The project will investigate how an open-ended, immersive residency can add value to the artist’s practice, the community in which they are embedded, and the classroom practice of student teachers. Artists of national standing will be embedded in the city in temporary studio structures; each will be joined by selected local artists, creating a nexus of creative activity. A comprehensive programme of community and educational participation will be arranged, and researchers from the University of York’s Cultural Anthropology Department will evaluate the project’s social impact.

I am a satellite artist to Catherine Sutcliffe-Fuller. I have one piece of work in the gallery exhibition that runs until Feb 22nd. Catherine’s main focus has been the Hiscox development on Hungate in York. I have become interested in this site and particularly the emergence of cranes on the York landscape. One particular angle I focused on was from the bar walls.

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