Revisiting Terrington view

A few weeks ago the weather was perfect and I managed to persuade fellow artist Patrick Smith to join me on a painting trip. 21 degrees,  sunny intervals, light breeze, what more could you want?

We went to a place we had been before in the Howardian Hills not far from Terrington .

I have been wanting to do some work with oils but in the past have found my skin flaring up afterwards. The theory being that I have reacted to a solvent eg turps or white spirit. So I was armed with Zest It solvent and stand oil.

It was interesting for me to work outdoors with these materials. The slow drying time gave plenty of scope with the sky and offered a different flow than with acrylics. Another benefit is having less equipment, you can do it all from the one palette.

Downsides are transporting the painting (in a box flat in the boot) and he slow dying time so storage at home is trickier. The painting I produced was dry in three weeks which I was pleased with.

The benefits of working with acrylics outdoors are the ability to layer up quickly and ease of transport and storage of a days work. There is the option of working on top of the acrylics with oils.

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