Phil Reynolds on Sky Landscape Artist of the Year

Sky Landscape Artist of the Year

Back in June last year I competed in a heat of Sky Landscape Artist of the Year that was filmed in Knaresboro. I had wrote a post about it but seems to have deleted itself from my blog. Here is my second draft.

It was an interesting and challenging experience. Looking back on it now I would have liked to have done a lot better with the artwork I produced but still feel that the conditions were against my style and personality.

I am used to working outdoors and did relish the challenge but did not respond well to the bowling green scene that was offered to us on the day. To be fair to the organisers they had about a dozen people playing bowls which was an interesting challenge. This I expected to grasp fully but the way the day went I got caught up in the scene and left it too late to get to grips with the bowlers.

Anyway excuses aside it was an experience outside my comfort zone and it did make me look at different ways of working on the lead up to the competition.

Being in front of a camera was a bit terrifying for me but after about 8 interviews it did get easier. The time went so much quicker than I imagined too.

To sum up it was a great buzz to be selected from about 1500 other artists who applied and I learnt a lot about how I deal with that sort of pressure. It was good to have my submission artwork shown on national TV and to have taken part in something so different was enriching.

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