Stillingfleet Gardens Workshop

On Monday 18th May I ran a workshop from Stillingfleet Lodge Gardens. We had a rainy start but did get out eventually.

This is a picture of Jon who had got quite cold in the  morning but is here stood working in the sunshine.
I will post something with work on soon. I am just trying a post using my phone for the first time.

Here are some images from my camera taken during the days workshop.

We worked predominantly with charcoal and watercolour. These are both slippery customers that need to be used sparingly. The benefits of using them is that you can easily carry them around and can cover paper very easily and quickly.

Below are some examples of the work done over the day.

I believe this technique throws up some exciting and vibrant mark making but can also get muddy very quickly so there needs to be a mixture of care and freedom to succeed.

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