Very ordinary objects

The brief this week in June was to look at something that had little to inspire you. Quite hard to decide what to chose when you are looking for something with little aesthetic value and then make a drawing out of what you see. The above image was me drawing a value shortbread biscuit and […]

iPad Vs Pencil

This could easily be technology vs real material. I imagine there is a strong argument for the iPad being a real thing but I am not blogging to talk about the meaning of words. I am wanting to express the joy of working in pencil after using an iPad to draw with and discuss what […]

Recent Work

Here are a few images of work in progress. a few are at the stage where I am pleased and others not so. I seem to be firmly held within the landscape for most of the pieces. The idea of landscape is only a device to allow me to paint freely. I feel the body […]

According to McGee show with Phil Reynolds and Patrick Smith

It has been a while since I posted a blog, if that is the term. I have been busy preparing for and hanging the show at According to McGee as well as being ill. I will not detail that bit. I will attach a gallery of images from the show and separately put Paddys on […]