Light Touch

The past two weeks the class have been tackling a still life made up of glasses, apples , onions set on some white materials. The cloth had plenty of folds and the still life was set on two levels (boxes underneath the objects).

The idea was to create accurate drawings and spend time making the objects well proportioned and well placed relative to each other. Some consideration was given to composition which was aided through the use of a viewfinder.

Only when we were happy with the preparatory sketch did we use any paint. In this case water colour. I think this medium suits this subject and the exercise brought together a lot of complex skills.

Here are some images of work produced. They are not finished pieces and this idea is something I try to promote. Better you work calmly step by step than rush to try and get your masterpiece finished. We all want to wow the crowd but it will only be frustrating if you haven’t got all the elements singing to your tune.

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