York Open Studios 2023

It has been 16 years since the first Open studios and that gap seems incredible. Back then I showed a mixture of abstract work including this small gouache work on paper.

This typified my love of mark making and a hint at some imagined landscape. I am continuing in this vein of experimentation this year for Open Studios 2023.

The use of black and white is present here albeit in different media and coming from a more physical and emotional place. Charcoal is the vehicle here mixing both definite strong marks with a very light touch. The spaces between marks are what make this process fascinating for me. My process is very much materials led and because charcoal can be unpredictable it allows for a unique and exciting response from me.

Here is a charcoal drawing done outdoors in a copse of trees. It is closer to a representational drawing than the one above but again led by the charcoal.

As well as charcoal I will display some new paintings. The first one is working in reverse to the charcoal drawings. Bringing the light out of the darkness is not a snappy title but it might stick. This method uses the qualities of acrylic paint. It is slick and flows like lightning. This can be a problem when trying to control things but perfect for my impatience. It also dries quickly allowing multiple layers in a short time.

Other experiments include scale. In this case using a 6 inch wide brush an large palette knife. This painting is 120 x 90cm in acrylics on canvas.

Layering and depth come into this Winter Landscape. Relatively small at 30 x 25cm.

York Open Studios runs 14th-16th & 22th-23rd April 10-5pm My venue number in the brochure is 56. The preview is on Friday 14th 6pm – 9pm. Please drop in if you can.

Link to Open Studios page for me https://www.yorkopenstudios.co.uk/artist/phil-reynolds

York Open Studios

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