York Open Studios

I had a very successful York Open Studios. The footfall was pretty low but those that did come there were plenty who were looking to buy/collect my work.

It is a tiring two weekends at the end of a lot of preparation but it was good to not be absolutely shattered. It is also a good opportunity to catch up with people you have not seen for a while.

My work has seemed to split into two . One part abstract and the other much more representational. I do not favour one style over another I just feel that sometimes the abstract describes what I want and another time or vista demands a more figurative approach.

Justification over and lets see how the next lot of work pans out.

I have been enjoying doing some charcoal drawings. This is a really explosive material. It’s journey is easy to see and follow. From a growing willow plant through the fires to a beautiful soft ethereal remnant that leaves a subtle but powerful trail.

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