An online zoom class run from Phil's studio

Zoom art and wellbeing

There is plenty of evidence that practicing art and being involved socially in groups is good for well-being and I am pleased to be able to report the raft of positive feedback recently from my online sessions.

Some of the comments included:

‘These sessions are a lifeline for me and it keeps me in contact with other like minded arty people’
‘Your classes are so relaxed and easy to engage with’
‘It is something I really look forward to in the week’
‘I do zoom at work all day and it is tiring but this is different and uplifting’
‘Phil is sooooo funny’ (fake news alert)

It was great to hear so many different positive responses and makes running the classes feel valuable and worthwhile. I benefit from these connections too and these affirmations go a long way.

I am also pleased to report the national nature of the classes now. I have had people London to Shetland joining in. This does feel special and our life model has moved to the Netherlands so we could go international before too long.

Details of classes are on the website.

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