Zoom in Lockdown

I am restarting writing a regular blog to let people know what I’m doing at this time. As with most people I have had to change my way of working and try and adapt working practices to maintain some income and make best use of the unusual conditions.

The first thing I did was to continue my usual classes but using Zoom as a platform. I spent a bit of time researching which conferencing call app to use but it amazing how Zoom came out head and shoulders above the rest.

There have been a few new additions to the art classes online as miles do not matter and also given a chance for a new mum to drop into sessions when she gets a chance.

I now run online sessions at these times.

  • Wednesday 11-30am for 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Wednesday 8pm for 1 hour
  • Thursday 11-00 am for 1 hour
  • Thursday 2-30pm for 1 hour.

 They are 1 hour long and follow a particular brief given a week in advance. I ask students to do about 1 hours work before and then I do an intro and assessment at the beginning and continue work for about 40 minutes. During this time I am available for questions and advice.

We finish with a short look at the work and end of the session.

An online zoom class run from Phil's studio
Using my mobile phone to do an online demonstration.

People have found these sessions useful and even become a structure for the week. I have also backed up the Zooming with a Facebook Art Class page that allows others not Zooming to post work and attempt my Daily Drawing tasks.

It has been a really trying period for so many people and I have been pleased how much doing art has helped people focus and be mindful of something other than the pandemic.

I am also doing one to one sessions over Zoom and they have proved very successful. People send me their work in advance and we jointly discuss these and look at developing their practice. Cost is £25 for an hours session.

if any of these things interest you then message me via the contacts page.

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